Web Development

Serious mistakes a company makes before creating a website!

Developing a website is not an easy decision for a business. It requires a lot of expertise. Nowadays, a website has become essential for a business.
If your business does not have a website, you will be considered outdated. On top of that, people spend more time on the internet than anywhere else.

My 15 years of experience as an online marketing expert and IT project manager says that 69% of business owners need to change or redesign their business websites after one or two years. 99% of business website owners want to upgrade their website with new features they didn’t know about when they started.

Almost all website owners are faced with the question of which technology is best for their business. Unfortunately, there is no one who can really advise them.
When a client approaches XYZ company, which may know WordPress, this company will always push the client to use this WordPress CMS technology.

Even if that technology is not suitable for the client’s future needs. After a few years of a company’s growth, this client will have to pay again for the website redesign and invest a lot of his valuable time.

I am sure that many business people will agree with me that they have gone through a similar situation. There are many technologies you need to build a website, such as browsers, HTML and CSS, programming languages, frameworks, web servers, databases, protocols and finally data formats.

And there are different types of websites like eCommerce websites, business websites, blog websites, portfolio websites, event websites, personal websites, membership websites, non-profit websites, information websites and online forums.

Another important factor that should be in place before building a website is an SEO-friendly or marketing-friendly website. When you build a website with German Business Solution, we first understand your business, your future vision and your goals. Accordingly, we will give you the best real advice.

Types of Websites

  • eCommerce websites¬†
  • business websites¬†
  • blog websites
  • portfolio websites
  • event websites
  • personal websites
  • membership websites
  • non-profit websites
  • information websites
  • online forums

Various Website Technologies

  • browsers
  • HTML and CSS
  • programming languages
  • frameworks
  • web servers
  • databases
  • protocols
  • data formats.