Advantaged For Businesses

German Business Solution is a company that provides affordable solutions for international companies struggling to grow their business due to the many current challenges such as high operating and production costs and lack of highly skilled labor.
We have been in this industry for many years and have witnessed many changes. We understand the needs of our clients and provide them with the right solutions to help them grow quickly.
In the last few decades, western companies have faced the major challenge of skills shortage, which has forced many companies to give up due to high operational costs and increasing competition among companies.
Especially for startups and small and medium enterprises, it is not as easy to grow as it is for large companies that can outsource their products and services to a country like India to take advantage of cheap highly skilled labor.
For small and medium enterprises, the average cost of operations is very high and it is not easy for them to take their business to the next level as the competition from big companies is high. With our services and solutions, we bring startups and small and medium businesses to the same competitive level.
We offer a wide range of services to our clients including website design, app development, software development, SEO, online marketing, digital marketing solutions, marketing research, business promotion, recruitment solutions, human resource outsourcing and product manufacturing outsourcing in India.

IT Solutions

We provide IT solutions such as affordable web development, app development and software development for startups, enterprises and freelancers. We have enabled our clients to take on projects that they could not do due to a lack of resources.

The project we do for you is very cost-effective, 40-50% cheaper than the current market price. This means that for every project we do for you, you will get a profit of 40-50% of the total amount of the project.

Outsourcing staff

We know that it is very expensive to hire permanent employees such as web developers, app developers or software developers in the companies, but there are other obligations that companies need to fulfil in order to hire a professional.
Also, there is a huge shortage of highly skilled workers in the international market. This puts a lot of pressure on companies balance sheets. In the end, they don’t have enough money left for marketing and innovation.
The benefits that companies get from us are that they can hire highly skilled employees in India at a very low cost and increase their profitability.

International Recruitment

As we all know, companies are facing the biggest shortage of highly skilled manpower today. We help these companies to recruit staff from India. We find the employees, conduct the first round of interviews with them and after the final interviews with the company. Once the employee is selected, we take care of all visa formalities.
In this way, we solve one of the biggest challenges that companies face in the international market. Companies can hire these employees on a long-term and contractual basis.

Virtual assistance services

Sometimes companies do not want to outsource the whole project or hire an employee for this project, but they need an expert on project basis. In this case, they can take the help of our virtual assistance service depending on the project needs.
We have a team of programmers, developers, designers, online and digital marketing experts, testers, video editors and content writers who can provide immediate support for your ongoing projects depending on your requirements.

Online, Digital and social media marketing support

Marketing is an investment that brings you business. The more you invest, the more business you get. Our company offers you a cost-effective marketing solution that is 40-50% cheaper compared to international rates.
The money you save with us can be invested in attracting more customers. This will help your business to make more profit and increase the growth of your business.
Our company has helped many businesses that were on the verge of bankruptcy. Their idea was good, and their product was good, but due to a lack of marketing resources, they were not able to find customers.
With the help of our affordable marketing solutions, they were not only able to avert bankruptcy, but also continue their business at a profit.

Outsourcing product manufacturing and Procurement Solution

Recently, India has become the world’s most favourable location for manufacturing products. Companies like Apple have shifted their production from China to India.
The world is betting on the China-plus-one strategy. Due to the biggest supply chain disruption of the century, many companies are shifting some of their product sourcing to India to take advantage of low production costs.
Our company helps you find genuine suppliers and manufacturers in India and also provides all the logistical support you need during pre- and post-production. We make sure that you receive high-quality products on time and at the most competitive price.
There are already many companies that purchase their products in India or have them manufactured there. We offer all these companies the opportunity to have the quality of their products tested by third parties on-site, as required.

Market Research & Business Promotional Solution

This service is available to companies that want to sell and promote their products and services in Europe and India and vice versa. We help these companies organize promotional events at various trade shows and connect them with potential buyers.
Basically, our company helps other companies to attract new customers for their products and services. In doing so, we conduct all market research and data collection as per the requirements of the companies and provide them with the data of the relevant people and companies.

Coordinator for international university admissions

We help European universities find more students, especially from India. Indian students are one of the major players in the global education business. Therefore, every university wants a large number of Indian students.

We promote partner universities in India through our various promotional and business channels in India. We also assist international students with admission, visa, travel and accommodation in Europe.

Travel and tourism assistance and solution

We mainly provide travel and tourism solutions in the MICE sector. These are mainly European companies who have business in India or want to visit India for business travel and exploration.
We also provide solutions for many travel and event companies in Europe to find a reliable partner in India to organize travel and events in India. First and foremost, we protect the interests of European travel companies and European travellers.
We act as a bridge between you and the tourism-related service providers in India. If you book your travel services directly in India and anything goes wrong, there is usually nothing you can do as a traveller.
Then you as a traveller cannot do anything against that company, but if you book a travel package or a trip to India through us, then you are on the safe side. Because we are a company based in Europe.