IT Servcies for the Agencies

We are a leading IT company based in Germany and India that helps the growth of other IT companies. We do this by providing them with IT services, software and tech solutions.

The growth of these companies will help to boost our business as well as theirs.

Growth is the most important thing for any company. And one of the best ways to grow a company is by helping other companies grow.

By providing IT services, our company helps other companies grow their business and reduce their operation cost.

This way, they can focus on what they are best at – being innovative, creative and unique. So we are able to grow our business while helping our clients further their business. 

Our goal is to help other companies grow their business by providing IT services. We do this by focusing on what we do best – the software development and marketing of our company’s products.

Agencies can use our services at a discount of up to 40 to 60% compared to the current native market price only when they sign up for a membership. Agencies can outsource their entire project or parts of it to us. We can do so because our operation is based in India. 

They can also outsource staff such as programmers, developers, graphic designers, website developers, video editors, content writers and online marketing professionals for short and long periods.

Depending on project requirements, agencies can also use our virtual support. If agencies want to hire on-site IT professionals according to their individual needs, they can do so through our IT recruitment service.

Outsourcing project: companies can outsource the whole project to us, and we will create the entire project according to the customer’s requirements, once the project is completed, we will deliver the entire project to the company.
In the case of online marketing, you as the company will take over the project, and we will do the work behind it and send you the monthly project report.
Outsourcing service for companies: Companies can hire staff according to their needs, such as SEO, web developers, programmers, app developers, video editing services, graphic designers and content writers for a long-term contract. (Multi-project minimum contract of one year).
Virtual Assistance: companies can avail of project-based online marketing assistance, web development support, programming support, app development support, video editing service, graphic design service and content writing support on an hourly basis. ( Individual Project)

Membership fees and criteria

Companies: Initially, only those who work in the IT industry can become a member of German Business Solution. You can also become a member of German Business Solution if you are a company that deals with business consulting, if you offer training to your clients who want to start their own business afterwards, or if you work at a business school or university and offer our affordable services to your clients and students.

Freelancers: if you work in web development, app development, graphic design, programming, video editing, online marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, content writing, IT project manager, IT vendor, business consultant, PR marketing, brand promotion, and business promotion.
In all these cases, you can become a member of us and enjoy all the benefits. With us, you have the opportunity to earn passive income.

Startup support: we provide special support for startups and help them stand on their own feet. We understand that in the beginning more is invested than earned. We only consider companies that are less than two years old as startups.
We support startups for the first two years after signing a contract with us.
They can use our services at a very reasonable price and also pay us in easy instalments. Besides, startups get free marketing consulting, business development, website audit service, etc. and more from us.

Membership fee structure

IT companies with more than 10 employees: 400€
IT companies with less than 10 employees: 250€
Startup support: 150€
Freelancer support: 75€
Educational institution: Free of charge

We provide IT companies with solutions that will help them grow faster

This includes:
  • Web development services
  • App development services
  • Software development services
  • Outsourcing staff 
  • Recruitment service
  • Online Marketing
  • Market research
  • Security Solutions