German Business Solution

German Business Solution is a global company that provides its services to international IT and businesses. It helps international businesses to achieve their goals at affordable prices.
German Business Solution is associated with more than 170 companies in India and internationally, together it is able to deliver 100% quality and services to its international clients around the world.
German Business Solution’s main clients are large and small IT companies as well as large international companies spread across the globe. The German Business Solution offers special privileges for freelancers, startups and small businesses struggling to grow their business.
If you are one of these companies, feel free to contact us to find out about the special benefits you can enjoy with us and the eligibility criteria. 

German Business Solution is an international company working with freelance web developers, content writers, app developers, graphic designers, programmers, software developers, online marketing professionals, IT companies and online marketing agencies. Our vision is to work together for our mutual growth, sustainability, profit and support.

How do we support IT companies, developers, freelancers and firms?

Let’s say you are a freelance WordPress developer and your clients want to develop an APP, but you don’t know how to develop the APP. In this case, we develop the entire APP for your clients and share the profit together.
Similarly, if you are an app developer and you have clients who want to develop a website/software with your help. Here we do all this work for you and share the profit with you.
This means that you now have the opportunity to earn extra money and retain your clients because they are happy to get all the services in one place.
In the IT industry, everything is connected. If you have a client who needs a website developed, it’s quite possible that this client also needs a content writer, an online marketing professional, an app developer, a graphic designer and so on.

This means that you can offer your existing and future customers many more IT-related services with our support. Not only that, as an IT company or freelancer, you often have to cancel your clients due to work overload or staff shortage.
In this case, you can accept as many projects as you want and we will complete the project on your behalf at a discounted price.

How we do it:

We are a team of Indian and German IT professionals and IT project managers based in India and in Germany, India known as the IT capital of the world.
70% of our entire workforce has more than 10 years of experience. This helps us deliver products and services of the highest quality and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
We are aware that language is a major communication barrier, so you will be assigned a native-speaking IT project manager. This person will be responsible for executing the project on your behalf and communicating with our Indian IT experts.

Why you should trust us:

We are a team of Germans and Indians and are based in both countries. I know when you are dealing directly with an Indian company, language and trust become the biggest factor.
We know that German companies receive many emails and offer from Indian companies every day, but you never know how credible and authentic these companies are. This is exactly where German Business Solution works as a bridge between you and Indian companies. We make sure that everything runs smoothly and if something goes wrong, we are ready to take responsibility.

We help your business grow faster!

With our services and products, your business will grow faster than ever before. You can reduce the cost of your IT services, boost your online marketing, increase your sales and reduce your average operating costs by using our services such as affordable IT services, outsourcing staffing, virtual assistants, online marketing support, market research, IT recruiting services, data entry, email marketing, etc.
For example, if you have 5 people on your marketing team, you can increase the strength of your marketing team up to 15 people with us for the same price, which means more sales, more leads, and more profitability.
That means more sales, more leads, and more profitability. With the money you save from our affordable IT services, you can use that money for marketing, branding, and promoting your business.

Our Services

Online Marketing

German Business Solution offers a top level online marketing solution at an affordable price.

Web Development

The websites developed by German Business Solution are known for their high quality and ease of use.

App Development

German Business Solution is the highest rated and most affordable app developer in the international market.

Software Development

We develop industry-specific software and solutions. Our custom software development services are available to small, medium and large enterprises.

Virtual Assistance

We offer all kinds of Virtual assistance services like coding, web, app, software development, testing, video editing, content writing, graphic design etc.

Market Research & Business promotions

Our market research service includes data collection, finding new clients and organising trade shows and promotional events.

Outsource Staff

Companies can outsource highly skilled staff at the most affordable pricing as per their requirement. This helps the company to reduce its operational costs and improve profits.

Recruitment Service

We assist companies with recruiting highly skilled and experienced professionals from India. Arranging all the necessary visa, travel and accommodations requirements for the employee.

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Agency Support

Business Support

Your advantages

Agencies can use our services at a discount of 30-40% compared to the current market price. Agencies can outsource their entire project or parts of it to us.
They can also outsource staff such as programmers, developers, graphic designers, website developers, video editors, content writers and online marketing professionals for both short and long periods.
Depending on project requirements, agencies can also use our virtual support. If agencies want to hire on-site IT professionals according to their individual needs, they can do so through our IT recruitment service.

In order to protect the business interests of the international IT and online marketing company, we are not able to give 30% to 40% discount on the projects directly to the general companies.
However, they can take other benefits from us, such as outsourcing their staff or hiring more quality outsourced staff at a very reasonable price.
This helps companies reduce their operating costs and use the money they save for more positive results. In addition, we help organizations use their resources efficiently.
By outsourcing non-essential work, the company can focus more on the areas that will bring them maximum profits and growth.

We help you with our business solutions

  • Affordable IT services
  • Outsource staff
  • Virtual assistance services
  • Online marketing support
  • Market research
  • Int. business development and promotional assistance 
  • Recruitment services
  • Supply chain management
  • Products procurement & Third party quality inspection  
  • Student intake assistant for Int. Universities
  • Travel and tourism services