The biggest challenge today is to find a real marketing and IT agency for the companies.  

First of all, the companies are not experts in online marketing, website/app and software development.

It is very difficult to verify the claims of these marketing and development agencies as there is no proper mechanism to verify them. Online marketing, website/app/software development products and services cost a lot of money. Most large companies can afford to take this risk, but for small and medium businesses it is a matter of existence.

I have been in the online marketing and IT industry for more than 15 years and I have seen many companies go bankrupt, not because they had bad business ideas.

Most of them go bankrupt only because they made the wrong choice for online marketing/website/app development and IT agencies. Many of them were forced to sell their ideas and businesses to other rich companies.

And these rich companies got rich with the ideas of the bankrupt companies by using the right marketing tools and IT techniques. 99% of startups fail for this reason, because they choose the wrong marketing and IT support.

That’s why I decided to help these companies. Before you choose a marketing, website/app and IT support agency, you can use my services to check the claims of online marketing, website/app and software development agencies.

This way, you can be sure that your investment is 100% secured and will bring the desired result. With my years of experience, it is easier for me to find out the capabilities of online marketing and IT companies.   

I am ready to offer my support and services to startups and small and medium businesses facing similar problems.